Business Leadership & Team Management (Prof.Cert.)

Fundamental skills for leaders and managers wishing to improve their effectiveness and that of the teams they manage


Business Leadership & Team Management Masterclass presents a deep, accessible introduction to leadership fundamentals, tools, best pratices and effective ways to shape team and business improvement. Ideal for recently promoted senior managers as well as experienced team leaders across all industries, the course offers a series of tips, strategies and developmental assets which help leaders and managers meet their targets for improvement.

Topics covered in detail include: leadership & management fundamentals, direction setting, improving management and leadership performance, creating a high-performance team, and understanding and enhancing motivation.

This course is suitable for directors, managers, senior marketers and SME owners, and is also helpful for anyone who wishes to expand their understanding of business leadership theory and practical application.

Key topics presented:

  • Leadership fundamentals

  • Direction setting & decision-making

  • Improving management performance

  • Create a high-performing team

  • Understand and achieve motivation

Format: One-hour “crash course”, i.e.- the Business Power Brunch forum-type quick study, suitable for all levels of managers and execs, and applicable to a broad swathe of industries, sectors and business types & sizes.

Particularly suitable for high-level (i.e.- top-down, strategic) type of divisional managers, covering a lot of ground in a very short space of time (high-impact, fast study), and designed to get you thinking on your own about your approach to leadership, decision-making, empathy building, cultivating respect and respectability, and managing the organization in an ethical and inspired way, as well as some classical theory principles to get us going.

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Instructor NameDavid Swinfen

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