Building Gen AI App 12+ Hands-on Projects with Gemini Pro

Mastering AI Innovation: Building and Fine-tuning Generative AI Applications with Google Gemini Models And Langchain


Unlock the power of generative AI with our comprehensive course on building applications using Google Gemini Models! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced AI enthusiast, this course is designed to take you through the fundamentals and advanced techniques of using Google Gemini, Gemini Pro, Gemini Flash, and Gemini Pro 1.5 models.

What You Will Learn:

  • Introduction to Google Gemini Models:

    • Dive deep into the architecture, features, and capabilities of Google Gemini models.

    • Understand the unique strengths of Gemini Pro, Gemini Flash, and Gemini Pro 1.5.

  • Model Training and Fine-Tuning:

    • Gain hands-on experience with training and fine-tuning these powerful models.

    • Learn techniques to optimize performance for various generative AI tasks.

  • Application Development:

    • Develop practical skills to build diverse generative AI applications such as text generation, image synthesis, and language translation.

    • Explore real-world examples and projects to solidify your understanding.

  • Integration and Deployment:

    • Learn how to seamlessly integrate Google Gemini models into your existing systems.

    • Master the deployment of AI applications in cloud-based and on-premise environments.

  • Ethics and Best Practices:

    • Understand the ethical considerations and best practices in generative AI development.

    • Implement responsible AI principles to ensure fairness, transparency, and accountability.

Who Should Enroll:

  • AI Enthusiasts: Looking to explore the exciting world of generative AI.

  • Developers: Seeking to build and deploy cutting-edge AI applications.

  • Data Scientists: Aiming to enhance their skills with advanced generative models.

  • Tech Professionals: Wanting to integrate AI into their business solutions.

Course Highlights:

  • Expert-led video tutorials with step-by-step instructions.

  • Hands-on projects and real-world examples.

  • Access to exclusive resources and datasets.

  • Community support and peer collaboration.

  • Quizzes and assignments to test your knowledge.

Join us on this journey to master generative AI with Google Gemini Models and unlock endless possibilities in the world of artificial intelligence! Enroll now and start building the future of AI today.

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Sale PriceFree
Number of lectures20
Number of quizzes0
Total Reviews12
Global Rating4.625
Instructor NameKrish Naik

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