British Social Etiquette

Social Skills Refinement Programme


British etiquette is refined and cultured, sophisticated and graceful, timely and timeless. For centuries, people from all over the world have looked to the British for proper manners, and they expect nothing but the best. We have designed and developed a training course on etiquette and manners, called the British Etiquette – Social Skills Refinement Programme.

This programme is unlike any social etiquette course you have seen or ever taken. It has in-depth knowledge of how the British socialize and why the British have become the leader in etiquette.  The course also includes 18 PDF reading materials to enhance your understanding.

In this course, we will share traditional, fundamental, yet practical etiquette tips that you can easily learn and apply in your daily life, ranging from greeting strangers to meeting dignitaries, from taking tea to navigating fine dining, and from mastering cocktail receptions to conquering Royal Ascot.

The lectures are arranged in a logical order. We suggest you start watching and learning from the first video. For example, you need to polish your image and improve your communication skills and conversation skill before you can sit down at a table for fine dining.

What you need is an attitude. This course helps to brush up on your social graces and, as a result, become more confident in manner and elegant in appearance, and ultimately achieve a better result in all things you do.

We also keep you informed when uploading new materials. If you have any questions, please contact us: [email protected].

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Number of lectures20
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Instructor NameJacky Ziki

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