Breakthrough Job Hunt – The Crash Course

Efficient Job Search, Job Hunt Techniques, Career Objectives, Resumes, Interviews, Salary Negotiations


Are you feeling lost in the job maze? The more you read, the more you get confused?

Or maybe you applied what you read, but it didn’t work?

Are you frustrated with applying and not getting responses?

So, are you ready to take control of your job search now and land your desired job? This crash course is not “more information to process,” but rather uncovers the “blind spots” that typically delay your results, despite the wealth of information already at your disposal!

We adopt an emotional intelligence-based methodology to boost every corner of your job search:

  • Create a powerful job search framework to start

  • Making your resume and LinkedIn profile the perfect “”fishing bait”” for interviews.

  • Acing these interviews for the next rounds and/or job offers

  • Negotiating these offers with freedom and ease.

I promise you breakthroughs in the job hunt, positioning you at the forefront of employers’ consideration. In this one-hour crash course, together we take an emotional-intelligence approach to job hunting.

For years, I’ve exclusively offered a 1-on-1 coaching program (that averages USD 8,000 in price). Now, this “”Breakthrough Job Hunt – The Crash Course”” distills the essential insights and strategies from that program while making them accessible to a broader audience at an intended affordable cost – for everyone, anywhere!

“So, you’re telling me 1-hour ONLY could make THAT much of a difference?!”. YES! And if it doesn’t, feel free to rate this course 1 star. However, if it does, you owe it to others to rate it 5 stars. (Deal?)”

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Instructor NameCoach Moe Abou-Elneel

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