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Learn all the concepts bonds and fixed income securities


This Fixed Income Training Course will teach you how to Value Bonds and compute the Bond Yield. You will learn the below-mentioned topics :

  • Types and Features of Bonds

  • The basic process for Valuations

  • Calculate Bond Yield and IRR

  • Relationships in Bond Valuation

Course will teach you how to compute Bond Yields and what are the components of the same. You will learn the below-mentioned topics :

  • Detailed Bond market Analysis

  • Bond Trading & Strategies

  • Process of Issuance of Bonds

  • What are Structural Bonds and how do they work

Course will teach you various concepts and techniques to determine the Fair Value of the Bond required in Investment Decisions. You will learn the below-mentioned topics :

  • Introduction to Fixed Income Valuation

  • Bond price and Yield

  • YTM

  • Callable/ Putable Bonds

learn Curve Trading, Managing Interest Rate Risk, and Portfolio Management. You will learn the below-mentioned topics :

  • Repo and Reverse Repo

  • Interest Rate Risk

  • Yield Curves

  • Interest Rate Derivatives

  • Portfolio Management

Fixed Income (Bond) valuation and analysis is a strategy or process which is often used by the government or companies to determine the correct market value of the instrument. Through this course we are going to be learning bond pricing techniques, bond mathematics and curve trading. The training will include the following;

  • Understanding Bond Mathematics

  • Practical Bond Pricing Techniques

  • Term Structure of Interest Rates

  • Using Duration as a Hedging or Trading Technique (Concept of Duration and convexity)

  • Trading the Yield Curve with Cash Market Securities

  • Yield Curve

  • An Introduction to Curve Trading

  • Money market Instruments

  • Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Fixed Income course and is designed for those who want to learn about fixed Income. Through this course you will be learning basic features of fixed income, bond indenture, credit enhancements, fixed income cash flows, primary & secondary market for bonds, fixed income classifications, corporate debt, agency debt, calculating bond price, market discount rate, constant yield price trajectory, bond valuation with spot rates, forward rates, matrix pricing, yield to call, spread & its impact, calculation of bond rate, duration with convexity, effects of change in YTM and many more concepts. The training will include the following; Bond Pricing and Valuation, Future Cash Flow, Forward Rate, Accrued Interest, YTM, Duration, Modified Duration, BPV, Convexity, Cheapest-To-Deliver.

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