Biomechanical Principles: Optimizing Movements With Physics

Get To Know The Human Biomechanics With The Six Physical Principles That Are Used To Describe All Movements In Sports



Are you interested in learning how we can use physics in order to describe and analyze human movement? In this course, we are covering the six biomechanical principles that are used to specify all movements in sports. Moreover, we are looking at human motion analysis and some of the most commonly used tools and applications for performance testing and sports diagnostics.

Understanding the biomechanics and breaking down movements into their physical components can help us to optimize movement patterns, to decrease the risk of injury or to create individualized training programs for athletes.

I kept this course short to only give you the most important fundamentals around the biomechanical principles. So you can finish the whole course and significantly broaden your knowledge within one hour.

This Course Will Give You An Overall Insight Into The Roles And Tasks Of Biomechanics, Whether You Are New To The Topic Or You Have Already Gained Some Experiences.

As a studied biomechanist myself, I study the science of human locomotion and find ways to analyze and optimize movements. This course contains scientifically proven knowledge that I have gained over the years studying and working in the field of biomechanics. Let me share it with you!

After finishing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Describe sports movements with physical principles

  2. Know the tasks and goals of biomechanics in sports

  3. Understand the physical and mechanical laws of human locomotion

  4. Know some major tools and devices in the industry that help us to analyze human movement

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