Master Course in Big Picture Thinking (Thinking Like a CEO)

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Master course in big picture thinking (thinking like a CEO)

What’s the big picture? How many times have you heard that? Or that you don’t have a big picture? This phrase has been repeated too many times to count, and every time I hear it, I think to myself: what exactly is the big picture, and how do I get it?

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to the big picture. You can’t really have the big picture (serious emphasis on “big”) because there are so many influence points involved. Everyone – even the leaders at the top – has trouble seeing the big picture when it comes to a big project, program, or issue.

You’re only getting a glimpse of the big picture, even if it’s just for a moment. It’s gone as soon as you see it. Environment, circumstances, and people’s interactions changed.

It’s why you need to focus on how to get big picture thinking instead of getting the big picture.

Take a big picture look

Big-picture thinkers see there’s more to the world than their own, and they try to get outside of themselves and see other people’s worlds from their perspective. When you’re inside the frame, you can’t see the picture.”

Thinking big is good

You need to frame the big picture to keep it from turning into a dream. It’s easy to think that you don’t know enough to properly frame, let alone determine, the big picture, depending on where you work.

I think this is why it’s so important to cultivate the skill of big picture thinking. With the materials you already have, you can create your own big picture instead of feeling like you lack the material.

There are 5 major topics I want to cover in this master’s course,

1. Introduction and importance of big picture thinking like a CEO

2. Big picture thinking qualities and benefits

3. Psychology, activities, and examples of big picture thinking

4. big picture thinking vs detail oriented and ceo skills and competencies

5. how to become a ceo of a company ? how to be a good ceo of a company

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