Basic SAFE exercises for over-50s

How to exercise safely


This is a short, free course. There are four elements:

  • Upper body

  • Lower body

  • The back

  • Pre and post-workout stretching

Throughout the theme is SAFETY. Therefore some basic exercises are shown with the emphasis on safety. The Instructor is Alan Gordon one of only 18 biomechanics in the UK. Chris Sivewright is the ‘stooge’.

The course is shot in real time so when there is a slight strain doing an exercise, the remedies are shown on the spot.

NOTE: These videos were shot a few years ago. The principles are the same. The safety aspect is the same. The lighting and overall delivery may look a bit dated.

This is a FREE course where the content is what is key. For each of the four sections, mistakes in exercising are shown and the REASON behind the mistakes, is analysed. You have probably been exercising wrongly for years – these lectures go through why these mistakes are dangerous.

This is a short course and is simply to emphasise the overriding need to exercise safely. If there are any questions arising these are to be sent to the key Instructor direct: Alan Gordon.

In later years I injured my back further which is only I had watched and re-watched this course….

Total Students2486
Original Price($)799
Sale PriceFree
Number of lectures21
Number of quizzes0
Total Reviews16
Global Rating4.55
Instructor NameChris Sivewright

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