AWS Lambda Interview Questions Practice Test

AWS Lambda Interview Questions and Answers Practice Test | Freshers to Experienced | Detailed Explanations


AWS Lambda Interview Questions and Answers Preparation Practice Test | Freshers to Experienced

Welcome to the ultimate AWS Lambda Interview Questions Practice Test course! Whether you’re preparing for a job interview or aiming to solidify your understanding of AWS Lambda, this course offers comprehensive coverage across six essential sections.

Section 1: Basics of AWS Lambda In this section, you’ll dive into the foundational aspects of AWS Lambda, including its definition, serverless computing principles, execution model, supported runtimes, event sources, and crucial Lambda limits and quotas.

Section 2: Lambda Function Development Explore the nuances of developing Lambda functions, from creating them and managing deployment packages to setting environment variables, defining IAM roles and permissions, handling dependencies, and testing Lambda functions effectively.

Section 3: Integration and Triggers Learn how to integrate Lambda functions with various AWS services and external triggers. Topics include API Gateway integration, S3 events, SNS triggers, DynamoDB Streams, CloudWatch Events, and working with custom event sources.

Section 4: Monitoring and Logging Understand the importance of monitoring and logging in AWS Lambda. Cover CloudWatch metrics and logs, X-Ray tracing, custom metrics, error handling, logging best practices, and how to effectively monitor Lambda functions.

Section 5: Performance Optimization Optimize the performance of your Lambda functions by tackling cold start reduction techniques, memory allocation strategies, managing concurrency and scaling, leveraging Lambda layers, reusing resources, and conducting performance testing.

Section 6: Advanced Lambda Concepts Delve into advanced concepts such as VPC integration, cross-account access, custom runtimes, Lambda@Edge for edge computing, integrating with AWS Step Functions, and using AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model) and Serverless Framework effectively.

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