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The AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty ( MLS-C01 ) exam is intended for individuals who perform a development or data science role. This exam validates an examinee’s ability to build, train, tune, and deploy machine learning (ML) models using the AWS Cloud. Take your career and salary to the next level with an AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty certification!

Want to ace the AWS Certified Machine Learning—Specialty (MLS-C01) exam? This is THE practice exam course to give you the winning edge. Considered to be the toughest of all AWS certification exams, the MLS-C01 tests you in three areas – AWS specific concepts, Deep Learning fundamentals and real-world experience of building solutions by bridging AWS services with Deep Learning solutions.

Welcome to the best practice exams to help you prepare for your AWS Certified Machine Learning—Specialty (MLS-C01) exam.

  • You can retake the exams as many times as you want

  • This is a huge original question bank

  • You get support from the instructor if you have questions

  • Each question has a detailed explanation

  • The explanation for each question has a detailed description of the correct solution

  • Additional notes are provided for the incorrect options for each question

  • The explanations have annotations with images and reference links from AWS documentation

  • Mobile-compatible with the Udemy app

  • 30-days money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied

The two full-length practice exams have 65 questions each; a time duration of 3 hours each and mimic the actual exam in terms of complexity of questions, topic distribution and the presentation style. Each of the two practice exams spans the four domains of Data Engineering, Exploratory Data Analysis, Modeling, and Machine Learning Implementation and Operations. These exams consist of probing questions on AWS SageMaker and other AI services such as Lex, Transcribe, Rekognition, Comprehend and Personalize. Just like the real exam, there are scenario based questions on Big Data services such as Glue, Athena, S3 and Kinesis Family. These exams are the ultimate litmus test for you to assess your preparation, identify your areas of improvement and prepare a strategy to conquer the actual exam on the D-day.

About the Exam

For further information about AWS MLS-C01:

  • Number of Questions: 65 questions

  • Passing Score: 75%

  • Test Duration: 180 minutes

  • Test Format: multiple choice and multiple response


These AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty practice exams have a passing score of 75% but we highly encourage you to repeat taking these exams again and again until you consistently reach a score of 85% or higher on each exam.

Remember that using this product alone does not guarantee you will pass the exam as you still need to do your own readings and hands-on exercises in AWS. Nonetheless, these Machine Learning practice exams provide a comprehensive assessment on which knowledge area you need improvement on and even help you achieve a higher score!

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