Build Augmented Reality Project Using Adobe Aero

Augmented Reality with Adobe Aero


Discover the captivating world of augmented reality (AR) design with Adobe Aero in this easy-to-follow course.

Augmented reality is transforming how we interact with digital content and the physical world, and Adobe Aero is your gateway to creating immersive AR experiences without the need for extensive coding or complex software.

In this course, you will embark on a journey through the fundamentals of augmented reality, gaining a deep understanding of Adobe Aero’s powerful features and capabilities.

Learners will also learn to use 3D scientific assets to create immersive and experiential learning projects and have a good knowledge of using triggers to create interactivity with created UI  components.

Learners will also learn to use geospatial data to create a world-scale augmented reality project for their desired locations using Google Maps’ integrated feature right from within Adobe Aero.

Some course resources needed for each project will be provided in the modules including useful links to getting 3D assets and using animated 3D characters from Adobe Maximo to add some motion effects to your projects.

Whether you’re a designer, artist, educator, or tech enthusiast, this course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to bring your AR ideas to life.

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