Assertive communication skills

Core principles, Non-verbal communication and Emotional intelligence for assertive communication


This course has 5 chapters and each chapter has sub- sections covering the details of that particular chapter.

1) Introduction to assertive communication

a) Assertiveness, passivity & aggression b) Benefits of Assertive communication c) Practice worksheet

2) Developing a positive mindset for assertiveness

a) Recognizing and overcoming self-limiting belief b) Cultivating self-confidence and self-esteem c) Techniques for managing fear and anxiety in communication d) Limiting beliefs practice worksheet e) Anxious thoughts worksheet

3) The core principles of assertive communication

a) Active listening and empathetic understanding b) Expressing thoughts, feelings, and needs clearly and directly. c) Setting boundaries and saying “no” effectively d) Practice worksheet

4) Non-verbal communication and assertiveness

a) The role of body language in assertive communication b) Enhancing eye contact, posture, and gestures c) Using facial expressions to convey assertiveness. d) Practice work

5) Assertiveness and emotional intelligence

a) Developing emotional intelligence for assertive communication b) Managing emotions during communication

c) Building rapport and empathy in assertive communication d) Practice deep breath e) Practice meditation f) Recommended reading material

Each chapter has reading material, video lectures as well as practice worksheets which will help you use the learning in practical environment and make your communication skills better. Happy learning !

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