Artificial Intelligence for absolute beginners 2022

Go from zero to hero in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and build your own services from scratch


Artificial Intelligence usage is exploding across the global and jobs are booming for this profession. There is a severe shortage of AI professionals globally as everyone from startups to tech giants to governments is jumping onboard the AI revolution.

A major barrier for new entrants into this market however is the ( seeming ) complexity of this topic

  • Are you interested in Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) but find it way too intimidating and complex to learn ?

  • Do you want to build a solid foundation of AI concepts and Machine Learning without doing a PHD in mathematics and advanced coding ?

  • Are you thinking about pursuing a career in AI / Machine Learning but don’t know where to start ?

If you answered YES  then this course is for you !  This course is specifically designed to take away the complexity and mystery surrounding AI and Machine Learning and make it accessible for average IT guy who does not know advanced programming or data science. It will teach you the core concepts of AI / Machine Learning and then make you actually implement them using freely available services so that you get actual practical experience ! 

With you course you will learn :

  • The key concepts of AI and Machine Learning and the different types of machine learning models

  • How to create a machine learning model without writing any code in Python

  • How to deploy AI based services for image recognition, text to speech and conversational chatbots 

Lets get started ! 

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Instructor NameTaimur Ijlal

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