Art Therapy and…Sex

Using Art Therapy to work through the results of sexual misbehaviours.


This is a course that details how Art Therapy may be used to cope with the negative impact of:

  • Sexual misbehaviour

  • Sex addiction

  • Sex trafficking

  • Sex abuse

  • Sexual harassment

  • It also looks at the overlap of Art Therapy and Sex Therapy

  • The course also covers sexual wellbeing.

The lectures include a number of Art Therapy exercises and these are also included in the manual accompanying the course. This allows students to print out (and do) the exercises time and time again without having to rewatch lectures. Unlike on other Art Therapy courses you are not repeatedly encouraged to share your work derived from the art therapy exercises. the sharing is left open as actually doing the exercises may reawaken sadness, guilt, anger and you may not wish to share.

It is entirely up to you.

Hopefully you will find that doing the numerous art therapy exercises will help you deal with the impact you may have had – and still have – as a result of ‘sexual misbehaviours’ that happened in the past. that alone makes this course of immense value! But there is also the academic side where some of the lectures refer to academic studies on, for example, sex addiction.

This course is practical but it is also academic. lectures – and the points included – are supported by interviews, film clips, academic studies, book references and news articles.

Even if you – fortunately – have never been involved in or affected by sex trafficking, harassment etc. you will find this course absorbing and enlightening. the information included is very current – it includes details of alleged sexual harassment in the NHS, the alleged activities of a British comedian – and the Instructor also gives first hand accounts of alleged sex abuse at a UK boarding school.

The course is almost three hours long. if you also include the art therapy exercises then the course – if done properly – can be completed in a month assuming you don’t binge-watch the lectures! throughout you are urged to REFLECT on what you have seen and heard and also the process when doing the exercises.

Interesting. Original. Authoritative.

Watch the preview videos first and THEN enrol.

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Number of lectures42
Number of quizzes1
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Instructor NameChris Sivewright

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