Archi (ArchiMate) Modeling Practices with ArchiSurance

Learn ArchiMate EA Modeling Language through Practical ArchiSurance Case Study


ArchiMate is open and independent enterprise architecture modeling language, from The Open Group, to support the description, analysis and visualization of architecture within and across business domains in an unambiguous way.

Archi is an open source modeling toolkit for creating ArchiMate models and stetches. Developed by enterprise architects and used by enterprise architects.

The ArchiSurance Case Study is a fictitious example developed to illustrate the use of the ArchiMate® modeling language in the context of the TOGAF® framework. The Case Study concerns the insurance company ArchiSurance, which has been formed as the result of a merger of three previously independent companies. The Case Study describes the Baseline Architecture of the company and then a number of change scenarios

The case study is one good learning material for preparing ArchiMate certification examination.

During myself’s learning journey and passing the ArchiMate certificate, I’ve found that not only read the case study, but also do the hands-on modeling was the most important experience for deeper understanding the ArchiMate theory and context.

This course was recorded the end to end modeling journey for ArchiSurance case study after I got the certificate, through re-reading the material and practicing the modeling again, more knowledge are captured, I do hope this experience can bring some reference to you if you’re also either interested on EA modeling via ArchiMate (using Archi tool), or intend to pass ArchiMate certificate soon. Remember to have your Archi tool on-hand and do the modeling activity yourself during follow the course!

Good luck!

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