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APQP, or Advanced Product Quality Planning, is a structured process used primarily in the automotive industry to ensure the highest quality throughout a product’s development lifecycle. It fosters collaboration between various departments, from design and engineering to manufacturing and suppliers.

APQP is divided in 5 phases, to be completed and respected in terms of timing.

By following these phases, organizations can ensure they are developing and manufacturing high-quality products that meet customer expectations. This structured approach minimizes risks, enhances communication, and ultimately leads to a more efficient and cost-effective development process.

In this course, with 6 lectures, I will guide the student in a deep dive into APQP. The explanation will be simple, in order to be understood by everyone. I am available for any question.

My name is Carlo Sibilla, an automotive engineer specialized in Quality and Perceived Quality in the automotive industry. I have experience in very important brands around the world, as Audi, JLR, JLR SVO. Fiat and Alfa Romeo and I have obtained a certificate in APQP process by a IATF Lead Auditor and Core tools trainer.

Furthermore, i am passionate about cars, in particular sport car.

I hope, in this course you can see my knowledge and my passion as well.

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