Angular 17, .NET Core Web API and Microsoft SQL Server App

learn to create a full stack web application from scratch using Angular 17, .NET Core Web API and SQL Server


Hello Everyone, and welcome to this course on Angular 17, .NET Core Web API and Microsoft SQL Server full-stack web development.

In this course, you will learn how to develop a web application from scratch using popular technologies such as

* SQL Server for the database.

* .NET Core Web API for the back end web development.

* And the latest Angular 17 for the front end web development.

-We will first start with installing and setting up the environment needed for our database, back end project and front end project.

-Then we will develop REST API end points using .NET Core Web API Project.

-Finally we will be using Angular 17 to design the front end part of our App.

We are going to build a very simple todo application to manage the tasks. It is going to be very minimalistic in order to focus on the bigger picture of integrating the database, backend and frontend to create a simple full stack application from scratch quickly.

This is requires beginner knowledge of Python and basic html CSS and Java script as well.

I am sure that this course will definitely help you in your journey as a full stack web developer.

Welcome to the course, and happy learning.

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Instructor NameVinay Kumar

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