Alibaba – ACP Cloud Computing Professional Mock Exam Test

Prepare the ACP Cloud Computing Professional. 100 unique high-quality test questions with detailed explanations!


Alibaba – ACP Cloud Computing Professional Mock Exam Test

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Sample MCQ Question Format

Question: What is the primary benefit of using a cloud-based infrastructure?

  1. Cost Savings: Cloud-based infrastructures often reduce the costs associated with managing and maintaining physical servers, offering a pay-as-you-go model which can be more economical.

  2. Scalability: Cloud services provide the ability to scale resources up or down quickly, matching demand and ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency.

  3. Security: While cloud providers implement robust security measures, it is essential to consider the shared responsibility model for security in the cloud.

  4. Redundancy: Cloud infrastructures typically offer built-in redundancy, ensuring high availability and reliability of services.

  5. Compliance: Leading cloud providers often comply with various regulatory standards, assisting businesses in meeting their compliance requirements.

  6. Innovation: Cloud platforms offer a variety of services and tools that can accelerate innovation and time-to-market for new products.

Correct Answer: Scalability

Overall Explanation: The primary benefit of a cloud-based infrastructure is its scalability. Cloud services allow businesses to scale resources up or down quickly and efficiently based on demand. This flexibility ensures optimal performance and cost-efficiency, making it a critical advantage over traditional on-premise infrastructures.

Domain: Cloud Infrastructure and Services

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