The Alchemising Anxiety Masterclass

Navigate Life’s Toughest Challenges with Ease, using Anxiety Relief Tools and Mastery Techniques


Do you have big dreams yet are held back by anxiety & overwhelm?

The tools, techniques & exercises outlined in this masterclass serve as a strong foundation for reducing stress and to initiate & sustain an experience of ease, to spiral up at any stage of the anxiety cycle.

We combine ancient wisdom & modern science to become a master of anxiety in the moment, when its needed most.

We will move from Theory to Practice to Mastery, together. Let’s do this!

THEORY~ What is Anxiety?

~ Anxiety causes
~ What happens in the body
~ Anxiety symptoms
~ What too much anxiety can do
~ Anxiety statistics & more from leading global experts & scientists


~ 10 ways & 3 interactive exercises to holistically & naturally relieve stress, to move into empowerment, confidence, gratitude, self-mastery & more Joy!
~ Then experiment with the 9 advanced & 12 mastery strategies to rise to freedom!

After the science is well in-hand, you can experiment with the 3 exercises & 21 strategies to find a few core activities & tools that resonate best with you, and begin to master them.

You can use a notes app to track your progress or even print them out as well.


Simply commit to completing each of the exercises & strategies once, so you know them.

So get ready to practice & watch your days of anxiety transform into ease & joy!

Have fun & I cant wait to hear all about it in the reviews! #injoyitall

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Instructor NameBrian Bibi

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