ChatGPT Python Programming: AI Guided Code Mastery

Master Python with ChatGPT – regardless of your coding background! Streamline tasks, optimize algorithms, integrate AI


This course is designed to revolutionize your coding experience by integrating the power of ChatGPT into your learning process. Embark on an exciting journey where artificial intelligence meets Python programming. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced coder, the curriculum is tailored to provide hands-on guidance, making Python programming both accessible and exhilarating. Join me as we explore the synergy between AI and Python, unlocking new possibilities for code mastery.

Course Highlights:

  1. Introduction to AI-Guided Python Programming:

    • Understand the benefits of AI-Guided programming

    • Explore the role of AI in Python programming.

  2. Getting Started with ChatGPT and Python:

    • Set up your development environment effortlessly.

    • Learn to integrate ChatGPT into your Python projects.

  3. ChatGPT Basics for Python Programmers:

    • Master effective ChatGPT prompting techniques.

    • Refine and improve ChatGPT-generated code.

  4. AI-Guided Python Fundamentals and Basic Programs:

    • AI-Guided Applications:

      • Create your first Python program with ChatGPT guidance.

      • Personalized assistance for crafting fundamental Python code.

      • Develop AI-Driven Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)

    • AI-Guided Python Basics Overview:

      • Explore Python essentials with ChatGPT’s real-time guidance.

  5. Intermediate Python Programming with AI:

    • AI-Guided Working with Data Structures:

      • Dive into Python’s data structures with ChatGPT’s support.

      • Enhance your coding skills with personalized assistance.

    • AI-Guided Functions and Modules:

      • Craft modular code and functions with ChatGPT assistance.

      • Advance your Python proficiency with AI-guided learning.

  6. Advanced Python Applications with AI:

    • AI-Driven Web Development in Python:

      • Integrate AI principles into web development projects.

      • Leverage ChatGPT’s expertise for enhanced web applications.

    • Machine Learning Scripting with ChatGPT:

      • Script machine learning applications with expert guidance.

      • Explore the intersection of AI and machine learning in Python.

  7. SPECIAL SEGMENT – ChatGPT Integration in Python Environment

    • Configure ChatGPT API keys for Python integration.

    • Harness ChatGPT for real-time support in the Python development environment.

    • Fine-tune ChatGPT’s API parameters for achieving desired AI model behavior outcomes

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Instructor NameProf. M. Higazi

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