Master Course : Agile Marketing and Marketing Sprints 2.0

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Master course in agile marketing and marketing sprints 2.0

How does Agile Marketing work?

The Agile Marketing approach is based on the values and principles of Agile software development.

Business requests for certain features or applications were lagging behind the launch of technology that addressed those needs in the 90s, which led to Agile. Keeping up with changing demands wasn’t easy for software developers.

A rapidly changing market is driving marketing’s own Agile renaissance right now. It’s a fast-changing world and media consumption changes all the time.

There’s no point in having annual marketing plans anymore. An annual plan can’t keep up with everything that happens in a year.

It’s also easier than ever to access data and get insights. Marketing is getting faster and more agile, and it’s more practical too.

How does sprint marketing work?

Sprint marketing involves finishing a big project in a short amount of time. A marketing team can use this strategy to test new and innovative ideas, work on tasks quickly, solve problems creatively, refine products and services, and achieve important business goals. During this time, they can focus on particular areas for improvement and gather valuable insights about products, customers, and best marketing practices. It depends on their business structure, preferences, and other factors how long they want the marketing sprint to last.

It could be generating leads, increasing customer engagement and retention, building a web presence or improving SEO rankings for those who do sprint marketing. Metrics are established throughout the process, progress is measured, and data is tracked. In order to gauge customer satisfaction, engagement, and retention, they often ask for feedback on marketing content. Sprint marketing involves trying out different promotional methods, assessing their success, and revising them. Marketing sprints can help companies minimize risk, save money, and save effort by evaluating techniques before launching a full campaign.

The five major topics I’d like to cover in this master’s course are:

1. Introduction and importance of agile marketing and marketing sprints

2. Agile marketing approach, benefits and challenges

3. Agile digital marketing strategy and campaign

4. Marketing sprints: how to plan them and why they’re great

5. Marketing Teams: How to Make Sprints Work

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