Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Anger Management

Accredited Certification in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Anger Management | Become Coach / Counselor etc.


Welcome to this IRAP accredited certification in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Anger Management.

Discover the transformative power of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with our comprehensive online course, specifically tailored for managing anger effectively. Delve into the core principles of ACT, guided by renowned methodologies from experts. Learn and become ACT Practitioner / Counselor / Coach .

Our course offers an extensive range of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy exercises, including interactive ACT therapy exercises designed to enhance your understanding of even other uses of ACT e.g. mindfulness, OCD etc as the core concepts remain the same.

You’ll gain access to a wealth of resources such as the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy manual PDF. Explore practical applications with real-life ACT therapy examples and refine your skills through tailored ACT therapy activities.

Engage in our structured ACT training online, featuring detailed ACT therapy training sessions and comprehensive ACT interventions PDF resources. Learn at your pace with our downloadable Acceptance and Commitment Therapy workbook PDF and enhance your practice with ACT techniques PDF materials.

Whether you are a professional looking for ACT certification or a personal journey towards better managing emotions, our course is designed to equip you with effective ACT skills and ACT techniques. Also, explore our specialized content for OCD and ACT, making it a versatile tool for varied psychological needs.

This ACT online course includes not only foundational knowledge but also advanced concepts like acceptance commitment therapy techniques and ACT therapist training, ensuring a deep understanding of both theory and practice.

Join a community of acceptance and commitment therapists and learners in an enriching journey of growth, self-awareness, and effective anger management through ACT psychotherapy.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Anger Management

  • Understanding Anger: Types, Triggers, and Psychological Impact

  • Core Principles and Theoretical Foundations of ACT for Anger

  • The Six Core Processes of ACT – Defusion, Acceptance, Self as Context, Contact with the Present Moment, Values, Committed Action

  • Developing Psychological Flexibility for Anger Management

  • Use of Metaphors for Anger Management

  • Experiential Exercises for Anger Management

  • Mindfulness Practices for Anger Management

  • Values Clarification for Anger Management

  • Commitment Strategies for Managing Anger

  • Defusion Techniques for Anger Management

  • Acceptance Techniques for Anger Management

  • Self-as-Context Exercises for Anger Management

  • Creative Hopelessness for Anger Management

  • Barrier Identification and Management for Anger

  • Willingness and Openness Exercises for Anger Management

  • Perspective-Taking Techniques for Anger Management

  • Behavioral Activation for Anger Management

  • Language and Cognition Distancing for Anger Management

  • Relational Frame Theory Applications for Anger Management

  • Goal Setting Using Values for Anger Management

  • Leaves on a Stream Exercise for Anger Management

  • Chessboard Metaphor for Anger Management

  • Two Scales Metaphor for Anger Management

  • Tug-of-War with a Monster Metaphor for Anger Management

  • The Passengers on the Bus Exercise for Anger Management

  • The Observer Exercise for Anger Management

  • Matrix Diagram for Decision Making for Anger Management

  • Values Card Sort for Anger Management

  • Pain and Suffering Scale for Anger Management

  • Choice Point Analysis for Anger Management

  • The Life Path Exercise for Anger Management

  • ACT Assessment and Case Conceptualization for Anger

  • Structuring ACT Sessions for Anger Management

  • Building Therapeutic Relationships

  • Tailoring ACT Techniques for Individual Therapy for Anger

  • Conducting ACT in Group Settings for Anger

  • Cultural Considerations in ACT for Anger

  • Adapting ACT for Children and Adolescents with Anger

  • Adapting ACT for Older Adults with Anger

  • Online ACT for Anger Management

  • Ethical Practice and Dilemmas in ACT for Anger Management

  • Informed Consent and Confidentiality Issues in ACT for Anger Management

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