3D Visualization For Beginners: Interior Scene with 3DS MAX

Create stunning images with 3ds Max 2022 and Corona Renderer 7. Learn the skills from the real expert.


Architectural visualization is the skill needed in every architecture and real estate development business. Why? Because architects need them to present their designs and real estate developers need them to make the sale. The demand is very high yet not many people are willing to master it; thinking it’s complicated stuff to master. Well not anymore! This course will teach you effectively how to create beautiful 3D architectural visualization using 3ds Max and Corona Renderer with just a fraction of the time usually needed. Not years. Not months. In only 4 days (based on real offline-class experience) you’ll master the knowledge to create stunning 3D renderings and become a fully job-ready person in the industry. Or if you are like me, create your own 3D visualization firm and make a lot of money from it!

This course is designed for a complete beginner so no prior experience is needed. On the other hand, seasoned 3ds Max users can benefit from this course as we’ll be covering advanced topics also in this course.

Besides lifetime access to professional-quality lesson videos, you’ll also get all of the project’s files including 3ds Max files, texture images, and Photoshop composition files.

There is ZERO RISK in taking this course. If you are not satisfied with the course, you can get a full 100% refund from Udemy. So, why wait? JOIN NOW! And take your first step in becoming a professional 3D artist or 3D entrepreneur!

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