10 questions that easily write non-fiction books

An hour away from writing a non-fiction book!


This is a unique course in that simply by asking questions you will be able to write a non-fiction book! This is 2024 and the search and help tools have vastly improved – and increased. All that is lacking is your time (not much needed) your effort (not much needed) and your interest. (At least choose a topic you’re interested in as that will help !)

So, you work through this course, making sure to follow the various steps outlined and then publish!

Of course you may choose – and I hope you do – to bounce various ideas about YOUR book in the Q/A for the relevant lecture.

The course is split into several sections:

  • Introduction

  • Main purpose of the book

  • Target audience

  • Unique perspective

  • Key concepts

  • Structuring the content

  • Research needed

  • Counterarguments

  • Engaging the reader

  • Actionable advice


  • Crafting a powerful conclusion

  • Opening and closing sections

  • Incorporating visuals

  • Connecting with the reader

Also a lot more!

Why enrol on such a course by this Instructor?

Go to Amazon – 100+ books to my name and all written long before AI!

One more thing – in the final lecture it is stated that ALL the revenue goes to a particular charity. So, yet another course created simply to help others!

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